3Rs research funding

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In the UK there are a number of organisations which have specific funds available for 3Rs research.

Some of the main biomedical and biological research funding bodies (e.g. Research Councils such as MRC and BBSRC, and charities such as the Wellcome Trust) also fund research that contributes to replacement, refinement or reduction as part of their mainstream funding strategies.

In addition, many learned societies have grants available for travel, conference attendance and meeting support that may be used for 3Rs training and activities.

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Visit the Alt-Tox website for information about 3Rs prizes/awards.

UK organisations

NC3Rs - The NC3Rs has its own funding schemes to support research which advances knowledge in the 3Rs and animal welfare. Further information can be found on our funding schemes pages.

BBSRC - The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council has two relevant policy priorities : one on replacement, refinement and reduction in research using animals; and one on the welfare of managed animals, to support research that will inform strategies for improving the conditions and management of farmed, laboratory, companion, and other managed animals.

Wellcome Trust - The Wellcome Trust will consider proposals which specifically address an aspect of the 3Rs and encourages applicants who are using animals in their studies to include an aspect of the 3Rs as part of their research proposal.

Dr Hadwen Trust - The Dr Hadwen Trust provides funding to assist scientists to discover techniques which will replace or reduce experiments on living animals; to assist in the provision of facilities and equipment for such research and to encourage through publicity and education the wider adoption of such techniques.

The Lord Dowding Fund - The Lord Dowding Fund supports research aimed at replacing the use of laboratory animals.

UFAW- The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare has grants for animal welfare and 3Rs research. A single studentship in the 3Rs is awarded annually via the 3Rs Liaison Group.

The Humane Research Trust - The Humane Research Trust provides funding for research which will reduce the number of animals used in medical research. Projects involving the use of live animals or animal tissues are not supported.

BVA AWF - The British Veterinary Association's Animal Welfare Foundation has restricted funds for research projects that directly impact on the health and welfare of companion animals and livestock, and those that increase awareness of animal welfare in the veterinary profession and related industries.

Overseas organisations

The following overseas organisations will fund UK research.

ECLAM / ESLAV Foundation - The European College of Laboratory Animal Medicine / European Society of Laboratory Animal Veterinarians Foundation has funds for research into refinements, objective measures of animal welfare, housing and husbandry of laboratory animals, and validation of environmental enrichments.

European Commission - The European Commission's 7th Framework Programme offers opportunities for collaborative 3Rs research. Also see the Practical Guide to EU funding opportunities for Research and Innovation.




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  • Community of Science Pivot (2006), Comprehensive database of sources of research funding
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