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Funding schemes

Funding schemes

A key aim of the NC3Rs is to increase the UK's investment in the 3Rs by funding primary research addressing each of the 3Rs.

We are the main funder of 3Rs research in the UK. We support some of the UK's leading scientists at a range of universities and institutions to undertake research to develop new and better models and tools with reduced reliance on animals and/or improved animal welfare.

Our portfolio includes research to improve the understanding of human diseases; to develop efficacious and safe medicines and vaccines for humans and animals, and to protect the environment.

We have awarded grants across a range of disciplines including physiology, pharmacology, neurosciences, immunology, toxicology and cancer biology. Around 55 per cent of research awards are directed primarily at replacement, 25 per cent for reduction and 20 per cent for refinement..

To date, we have awarded over £37 million in grants.

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Open Schemes

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The studentship scheme was introduced in 2009 to instil the 3Rs in the training of early career scientists. Each award is for £30k per annum for a duration of 3 years.

This call is now open.



Other 2014 Schemes

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The David Sainsbury fellowship scheme was launched in 2011 to embed the principles of the 3Rs in the career development of the research leaders of the future. Up to five awards are available each year, with a value of £65k per annum for 3 years.

The deadline for applications has now passed.



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Infrastructure for Impact

This non-research scheme aims to fund the infrastructure and resources that underpin UK research, whilst having a tangible 3Rs impact in the short to medium term.

The deadline for applications has now passed.



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Project grants

The project grant scheme is our main route for funding 3Rs research. It is an annual response mode scheme for hypothesis-driven and applied research. Awards can be for up to 36 months with the amount requested dependent on the science; typically in the region of £300k.

The deadline for applications has now passed.



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Pilot study grants

The pilot study grant scheme invites applications for pilot or proof of concept studies, to provide preliminary data for a subsequent, more substantive application. Grants for up to 12 months are available limited to a maximum of £75k.

The deadline for applications has now passed.



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Strategic awards

The strategic award scheme is designed to support research in areas we have identified as being a priority or strategically important. The scheme aims to address specific knowledge gaps; increase investment and activity in particular areas or disciplines; or to exploit new technologies. There is usually one competition per year, which awards grants of around £500k for 36 months.

This call is now closed.

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Public engagement small awards

Grants of up to £1000 are available for past and present NC3Rs-funded researchers through the public engagement small awards scheme to discuss 3Rs research with the public and mark the NC3Rs ten-year anniversary.

The deadline for applications has now passed.



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