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Information portal

Information portal

Information to help you apply the 3Rs and ensure the best possible standards of animal welfare.

The Information Portal is an area of the website containing annotated links to online databases, websites, journal articles, legislation and other publications. These resources provide information to help you apply the 3Rs and ensure the best possible standards in animal welfare. There are also links for further information on funding schemes for 3Rs research.

How to use the Information Portal

The information in the Portal has been categorised and tiered into thematic pages. These can be accessed using the menu on the left hand side of the screen.

Most pages in the Portal contain descriptive text, setting out key principles for each topic. Clicking on the links below each page heading will take you to further pages which list the resources in our database relevant to that topic.

The resources have been carefully selected by experts for their relevance, quality and utility. They are not intended to represent an exhaustive list of the available information on each topic. You may wish to consult other, more extensive alternatives databases, websites and search engines for additional information.

Key resources

The panel on the right hand side of the screen contains links to key websites, online documents, events and discussion groups relevant to each page.

Submit information to NC3Rs

Dissemination and application of the 3Rs information is a priority for the NC3Rs. If you would like to share knowledge of new advances in the 3Rs, we would be happy to disseminate the information to the scientific community on your behalf via our website. You can submit information resources to the NC3Rs webmaster using the links in the panel on the right hand side of the screen.


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