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New CD-ROM on humane endpoints

A CD-ROM entitled 'Humane endpoints in laboratory animal experimentation' has been produced through an initiative of the Netherlands Association for Laboratory Animal Science (NVP).

The English version of this interactive CD-ROM is now available on request from the Netherlands Centre for Alternatives to Animal Use (contact Payment of a small, voluntary fee is requested, to cover postage and packing.

The CD-ROM aims to reduce and prevent pain and distress caused to rodents in research and testing through the education and training of researchers, veterinarians, animal care staff and members of ethics committees about implementation of humane endpoints.

A humane endpoint can be defined as the point at which an experimental animal's pain and/or distress is terminated, minimised or reduced, by taking action such as killing the animal humanely, terminating a painful procedure, or giving treatment to relieve pain and/or distress.

Included on the user-friendly CD-ROM are:

  • Characteristics of healthy mice and rats, including normative values for physiological parameters and normal, aberrant and pain-associated behaviour patterns
  • General clinical signs
  • Specific clinical signs and example score sheets for: 
  • Cancer research
  • Toxicity studies
  • Vaccine quality control
  • Infectious disease research
  • Autoimmune disease research
  • Types of humane endpoints and criteria for their development and validation
  • Links to regulations and guidelines pertaining to humane endpoints
  • A series of interactive questions, allowing the user to self test their knowledge of clinical signs and humane endpoints 
  • A comprehensive glossary of technical terms
  • Video clips
  • Over 100 images

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