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Important breakthrough in identifying the effect of epilepsy treatment

Social amoeba used to identify molecular mechanism by which valproate blocks seizures in the brain  

Blog: Is poor reporting of animal research hindering scientific progress?

It is only with sufficient reporting that scientists can fully understand the procedures performed in an experiment, and whether they have clear benefit. 

3Rs Prize 2013 open for nominations

International prize for excellence champions the 3Rs globally 

Blog: Improving welfare practice in rodent studies of fatigue

Working to improve the welfare of mice used in chronic liver disease research 

Project and pilot study grants

Open for applications 

Blog: Do anaesthetics trigger stress in fish?

Research published this week could improve the welfare standards of millions of fish used by scientists around the world. 

Universities called upon to improve reporting of animal research

NC3Rs stresses need to maximise information published on animal research to reduce the potential for unnecessary animal use 

CRACK IT Solutions funding awarded for 3Rs technology development

New collaborations aim to reduce animal use in memory and cardiotoxicity studies 

Research update: Study suggests non-surgical alternative for liver fibrosis research

NC3Rs-funded research suggests for the first time a non-surgical alternative for liver fibrosis research in rats 

Blog: Laboratory animal euthanasia

Searching for consensus on the most humane ways to kill laboratory animals 

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