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Blog: Innovations with 3Rs benefit in The Scientist Top 10

Real-time neuronal imaging, humanised bacterial luciferase and vascular geometrics on a chip 

The NC3Rs statement on the ‘Investigation into Animal Research at Imperial College London'.

Dr Vicky Robinson, Chief Executive of the NC3Rs comments on findings of report 

£1.26m committed for postgraduate training to reduce and refine animal use in research

14 new PhD studentships awarded to commence in 2014 

Blog: Multiple sclerosis research with an improved animal model

NC3Rs funded research develops a novel animal model, offering a significant refinement improvement over previous animal models of autoimmunity 

Estimating the potential impact of 3Rs science

The first initiative is launched to provide top-line estimates of the potential impact of science-led 3Rs activities  

Blog: Getting the measure of replacement, reduction and refinement

Meaningful measures of impact are critical for discovering which approaches work best, for which areas of science, and for which type of laboratory 

Blog: Maximising the potential of the 3Rs

The ethics of animal research are not a black and white issue. Between the nothing goes and the anything goes there are at least 50 shades of grey.  

Blog: Communicating 3Rs research – moving beyond the principles

Why the time is ripe for public engagement with the 3Rs 

NC3Rs makes a commitment to public engagement with research

Includes a programme of support for grant holders to facilitate public engagement on the 3Rs 

Important breakthrough in identifying the effect of epilepsy treatment

Social amoeba used to identify molecular mechanism by which valproate blocks seizures in the brain  

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