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ARRIVE guidelines

Animal Research: Reporting of In Vivo Experiments

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The ARRIVE (Animal Research: Reporting In Vivo Experiments) guidelines are intended to improve the reporting of animal experiments. They have been published in the journal PLoS Biology and eleven other journals.

Previous work by the NC3Rs showed that many publications reporting publicly funded animal research from the UK and US lacked key information on how the study was designed, conducted and analysed, which could limit their value in informing future scientific studies and policy.

From an author's perspective, applying these guidelines carefully is an opportunity to make the most out of one's own work, ensuring that it provides real value to the scientific landscape and is used by others.


Dr Percie du Sert

The guidelines have been developed by the NC3Rs to improve standards of reporting and ensure that the data from animal experiments can be fully evaluated and utilised. The guidelines are primarily aimed at scientists writing up their research for publication and for those who are involved in peer review.

Developed in consultation with the scientific community, including researchers, statisticians, journal editors, and funders, the guidelines consist of a 20-point checklist of the essential information that should be included in publications reporting animal research.

The ARRIVE guidelines are endorsed by over 300 journals, funders , univeristies and learned societies.

Material to support ARRIVE

  • Presentation: A short presentation describing the ARRIVE guidelines.
  • Speaker notes: To accompany the downloadable presentation on the ARRIVE guidelines.
  • Examples: Specific examples for each point of the ARRIVE guidelines demonstrating how they can be used in practice to report animal research.

Request hard copies

The ARRIVE guidelines are now available in a handy pocket-sized format. To request copies please fill in the form on our request page (requires an NC3Rs website account).


The ARRIVE guidelines are available to download in the following languages:

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Press Release

Full press release (29 June 2010):
Guidelines ARRIVE to improve reporting of animal research

Journals that have republished the guidelines:





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