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Mathematical modelling

There is growing recognition in the field of toxicology that recent advances in science and technology could be harnessed to develop novel ways to assure safety without using animals, while also providing a better prediction of likely effects in humans.

In November 2009 the NC3Rs held a workshop with scientists from a broad range of disciplines, challenging them to come up with ideas on how advances in different areas of biosciences research might be exploited in developing non-animal approaches for safety assessment. A number of new ideas were identified through this and mathematical modelling was selected as an area for follow up activities.

The Centre held a workshop on mathematical modelling and toxicology in May 2011, which was sponsored by the EPSRC-funded Mathematics in Medicine Study Group. This meeting brought toxicologists and mathematicians together to discuss the challenges of toxicology and the power of mathematical modelling in the biological sciences. This event has already had an impact with several new collaborations formed.

To build on this momentum the NC3Rs has announced a strategic call for research proposals on mathematical modelling in toxicology, which was launched at a workshop in March 2012.


NC3Rs workshop report: Novel approaches to safety assessment

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