TruLarv Galleria mellonella - a model host for infection studies, toxicity testing and drug development (Partnering with Demuris)

Galleria mellonella larvae have been widely used over the past five years as non-mammalian models of microbial infection and for antimicrobial drug screening. Advantages of G. mellonella larvae over other invertebrate models include the ability to carry out experiments at 37°C and to precisely dose individual larvae with drugs/microorganisms by injection into a defined site. However uptake of the model has been limited due to significant variation in the behaviour of larvae both within and between batches.

The team at Biosystems Technology Ltd has developed TruLarv; research grade Galleria mellonella that are weight and age defined, surface decontaminated and inbred from a gemone sequenced breeding colony without the use of antibiotics or other drugs. As a result they behave more consistently and reproducibly than larvae from other sources, such as pet shops.

Through CRACK IT Solutions, Biosystems Technology Ltd sought partners involved in antimicrobial drug discovery to integrate TruLarv into their screening platforms. They are now working with Demuris, an antibiotic discovery company who have access to a large, unique collection of actinomycete bacteria which are thought to produce completely novel antibacterial drugs.

Biosystems Technology Ltd has been awarded funding through CRACK IT Solutions to work with Demuris to utilise the TruLarv model to screen crude actinomycete extracts for potential new antimicrobial drugs. Successful validation of this approach as an early toxicity and efficacy screen will enable rapid selection of promising leads and ensure poorly efficacious compounds are not progressed to animal studies.

Full details about this CRACK IT Solution can be found on the CRACK IT website.

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