2016 NC3Rs/IAT Animal Technicians' Symposium presentations

The NC3Rs and the Institute of Animal Technology (IAT) jointly hosted an Animal Technicians’ Symposium on 22 September 2016. Speakers from academia and industry presented the latest refinement opportunities and approaches to improving the welfare of a range of laboratory animal species. Participants at the symposium gained 5 IAT CPD credits.

If you work in a laboratory animal facility and would like to watch the archived presentations, please email enquiries@nc3rs.org.uk to request a password. Please give your full name and job role, and use your institutional email address. 

The following presentation videos are available to view online:

  • Professor Paul Flecknell (Newcastle University) - A new e-learning module to support EU Module 6.3 'Humane methods of killing'
  • Dr Lottie Hosie (University of Chester) - Refining the laboratory husbandry of the African clawed frog, Xenopus laevis
  • Dr Joanna Makowska (University of British Columbia) - Improving the welfare of laboratory rats and mice: modifications to standard housing and expression of natural behaviours
  • Mr Phil Ridley (GlaxoSmithKline) - Latest refinement opportunities for the care and use of pigs, with emphasis on animal training
  • Dr Noelia Lopez-Salesansky (Royal Veterinary College) - Variability in the olfactory characteristics of routine husbandry procedures and its impact on laboratory mouse behaviour and welfare
  • Dr Jordi Lopez-Tremoleda (Queen Mary University of London) - Practical experimental and welfare considerations for preclinical imaging
  • Dr Sara Wells (MRC Harwell) - Home cage monitoring: what happens when you are not looking? 
  • Dr Katie Lidster and Dr Mark Prescott (NC3Rs) - NC3Rs update: animal welfare programme

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