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Bringing researchers together to exchange information, support collaborations and share technologies to maximise 3Rs impacts in oncology research.

A graphic showing a network of circles, the three in the centre feature icons depicting cancer cells, chemotherapy drugs and DNA

Guidance, information and recommendations for those working with zebrafish.


Join our community of researchers, developers, industry and regulatory end-users working together to accelerate the use of new approach methodologies.

Graphic showing some of the range of applications of NAMs

Learn more about what NAMs are and how they can be applied to progress the 3Rs.

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Resources to help researchers initiate collaborations and share technologies to maximise the 3Rs impact of cardiovascular models.

Cardiovascular network plastic heart on textbook

Bringing researchers together to exchange information, support collaborations and share technologies to maximise 3Rs impacts.

Graphic showing an anotomical heart, blood cells and ECG readout.

NC3Rs resources for cardiovascular researchers developing 3Rs models or establishing new collaborations.

Organ on a chip microphysiological system

Practical advice on calculating how many matings to set up, including available breeding calculator tools.

A mouse illustration with maths symbols and numbers

A high level introduction to best practice in mouse colony management, including confirming, archiving and maintaining mouse strains.

White icons of a magnifying glass focused on a mouse, on a blue background

Guidance on the role of the 3Rs Champion within the research community.

A white trophy with the term '3Rs' on it sits on a bright yellow background.

Information on techniques for sampling blood in the mouse, covering non-surgical, surgical and terminal techniques.

Black mouse standing on a gloved finger, with an icon of a needle and syringe on a yellow background in the corner of the image.
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An e-learning course covering the evidence base for adopting refined handling methods and the practical applications.

Mouse handling elearning illustration. Left - traditional tail method, middle - refined cupped hand handling and right - refined tunnel handling