Our structure

The NC3Rs is an autonomous body responsible for setting and delivering its strategy and the use of its resources. It is not an independent public authority and for this reason it operates under the umbrella of the Medical Research Council (MRC), which is part of UK Research and Innovation, using some MRC and UKRI administrative systems

The Chief Executive and NC3Rs team are responsible for setting and ensuring the delivery of the NC3Rs strategy. They are supported by a non-executive Board which provides advice on the strategy, monitors delivery against the NC3Rs mission, and ensures that financial planning and risk management is robust.

The NC3Rs team

Our scientific staff are divided into two workstreams: Science and Technology and Policy and Outreach. These groups encompass several more specialised teams, details of which can be found below. Additional teams work across the office to support our programmes. Further details of individual team members can be found on our staff pages.

Chief Executive

Science and Technology group

Innovation/CRACK IT

Research Funding

Toxicology and Regulatory Sciences  

Policy and Outreach group

Animal Welfare

Experimental Design

Regional Programme Managers

Programme and organisational support

Strategic Planning




Board membership

The NC3Rs Board members have expertise in animal and non-animal research, animal welfare and the 3Rs. The Chair is Professor Kevin Shakesheff, Professor of Advanced Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the Faculty of Science at the University of Nottingham.

Board Members are appointed in a personal capacity for three years, with the possibility of a further two years extension. They are required to declare any private, professional or commercial interests that might, or that might be perceived to, conflict with the NC3Rs' interests as detailed in our declaration of interests policy. You can find out more about our Board members and view their declarations of interests on our Board member page.

Board meeting minutes

The NC3Rs is an independent scientific organisation, tasked by Government with supporting the UK science base through the application of the 3Rs. Though it is represented legally by the Medical Research Council (MRC), which in turn is part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), the NC3Rs is managed independently. To avoid doubt references to the NC3Rs shall mean the MRC in relation to actual legal or contractual liability, loss, right or obligation.