2013 NC3Rs Primate Welfare Meeting - Primate neuroimaging: tools for animal welfare and science

Monday 04 November 2013 10:00 to 18:00
Central London (zone 1)

Co-organised with the University of Oxford and Newcastle University, the aims of this meeting were:

  • to bring together neuroscientists using imaging technologies in non-human primates (NHPs) with technology development experts
  • to showcase advances in imaging technologies and their application, and how this is helping to reduce and refine the use of NHPs
  • to consider the technological challenges which if addressed could advance science and reduce reliance on NHP models and/or improve animal welfare


The meeting included presentations, posters, breakout group discussions and networking. The programme can be downloaded below.

Speakers included:

  • Professor John Duncan, University of Cambridge (Chair)
  • Professor Matthew Rushworth, University of Oxford
  • Professor Tim Behrens, University College London
  • Professor Wim Vanduffel, KU Leuven
  • Dr Karla Miller, University of Oxford
  • Dr Rogier Mars, University of Oxford
  • Dr Simon Baumann, Newcastle University
  • Dr Ruth Dennis, Animal Health Trust 

Delegates had the opportunity to attend three breakout group topics:

  • Data acquisition - Chairs: Dr Chris Petkov, Newcastle University; Dr Andrew Bell, University of Oxford. Experts: Dr Karla Miller; Professor Tim Behrens
  • Data analysis - Chairs: Dr Jerome Sallet, University of Oxford; Dr Laurence Hunt, University College London. Expert: Dr Niko Kriegeskorte, University of Cambridge 
  • Clinical/diagnostics - Chairs: Dr Kathy Murphy, University of Oxford; Ms Aurelie Thomas, Newcastle University. Experts: Dr Ruth Dennis 

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