2016 Workshop: Using microsampling to refine blood sampling procedures in industry and academia

  • NC3Rs
Tuesday 05 July 2016 09:30

The NC3Rs has been working with the pharmaceutical industry to create an evidence base to support the implementation of microsampling (sampling methods which require ≤50µl of blood) to reduce and refine animal use in drug development. We are now seeking to expand this work to support academic and industry researchers in adopting these approaches for a wide variety of study types.

We are hosting a one-day workshop in Central London on 05 July 2016 to:

  • Highlight the animal welfare and scientific benefits of microsampling
  • Build on and share the lessons learnt from our industry programme, and facilitate cross-sector discussions on the challenges and opportunities of implementing microsampling in an academic setting
  • Showcase the currently available techniques and what support and resources are available to facilitate their adoption
  • Develop a consensus strategy for implementing microsampling techniques as a standard approach.

Microsampling involves taking small blood samples (≤50µl) and offers an alternative approach to conventional sampling, where up to 500µl of blood can be taken and larger numbers of animals are required to obtain multiple blood samples. Recent advances in bioanalytical techniques now make it possible to use microsamples to generate the same analytical data using substantially fewer animals. Microsampling also provides a significant refinement, as animals require reduced warming compared to conventional sampling methods, and are restrained for shorter time periods.

This workshop, co-organised by Dr Neil Spooner (Spooner Bioanalytical Solutions/University of Hertfordshire) and Dr Darragh Murnane (University of Hertfordshire), will bring together scientists from academia and industry to share their knowledge and experience of implementing microsampling approaches.

Information on the programme can be found here.


Attendees are encouraged to submit poster abstracts.  To present a poster, please complete the abstract submission form here by 15 June 2016. We will let you know if you have been successful by 20 June 2016.


There are a limited number of exhibition stands for companies offering microsampling solutions. Please contact events@nc3rs.org.uk for more information.


Attendance is free, but registration is essential. The closing date for registration is 21 June 2016.  Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

You will need an NC3Rs website account to register. Please use your institutional email address when registering.

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