Animal Research: Critical, Creative & Challenging Thinking

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Monday 28 September 2020 to Thursday 01 October 2020

This course involves four 2.5 hour webinar sessions plus four activities scheduled as follows:

10am-12:30noon (BST), Mon 28th Sept - Session 1: Introduction to animal use and the 3Rs 

10am-12:30noon (BST), Tue 29th Sept - Session 2: Animal Research Integrity

10am-12:30noon (BST), Wed 30th Sept - Session 3: Common experimental design pitfalls & how to avoid them

10am-12:30noon (BST), Thur 1st Oct - Session 4: Animal welfare & the 3Rs in practice

You can register for this course via GoToWebinar. The course consists of 10 hours live online teaching time, plus activities and 1:1 feedback/support). The course fee is £300, or use the discount code 'AUGREF20' for a 25% discount, reducing the cost to £225.