Course in Experimental Design and Analysis of Data for Research with Animals

Wednesday 04 December 2019 to Friday 06 December 2019
Porto, Portugal

This course aims at making researchers sufficiently knowledgeable on experimental design and statistics to make results from animal experiments more reliable, robust and reproducible, while avoiding animal waste and complying with the 3Rs of animal research, with particular emphasis on Reduction and Refinement. It is particularly aimed at researchers responsible for designing and/or carrying out animal experiments, and will cover:

  • Planning for reproducibility in animal research.
  • Harm-benefit analysis and ethical considerations.
  • Formulating objectives and testing hypotheses.
  • Avoidance of bias (randomization, blind assessment, adequate controls).
  • Independent replication and experimental units.
  • Estimating sample size.
  • Basic concepts in probability and statistics.
  • Single and two factor analysis of variance.
  • Analysis of covariance.
  • Data transformations and non-parametric methods.
  • Multivariate analysis of variance.

The course is organised by Nuno Franco and will take place at i3S. For more information and to register, visit the course website.