EUPRIM-Net: Laboratory Animal Science Course on Primates

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Monday 09 April 2018 to Friday 13 April 2018
Göttingen, Germany

This FELASA-accredited course is organised by the EUPRIM-Net Project. It includes a four week e-learning period from 7 March to 4 April and a five day on-site course at the German Primate Centre in Göttingen from 9 April to 13 April. In addition to the 3Rs, animal welfare and ethics, the course will cover:

  • Primate Handling and Training (theory and practice)
  • Minimally Invasive Procedures in Primate Research – Insights from Neurosciences, Infection Biology and Stem Cell Research (theory)
  • Measuring Behavior (theory and practice)
  • Ethics, Animal Welfare and the 3Rs
  • Design of procedures and projects – Insights from Infection Biology and Neurosciences
  • Good laboratory practice
  • Biometry and Biostatistics in Laboratory Animal Science
  • Legal Issues and Responsibilities

The course will be delivered in English. The content is in accordance with the Education and Training Framework of the EU Directive 201/63/EU and covers the functions A (Persons carrying out animal experiments) and B (Persons responsible for directing animal experiments) and the recent FELASA Guidelines.

The deadline for registration is the 4 March. Please complete and return this form via fax to +49-551-3851-228 or e-mail For more information see the course programme or the EUPRIM-Net website.

If you are not able to attend this course, please be aware that the course will be held again in late summer 2018.