London cancer and stem cell in vitro models club

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Wednesday 04 December 2019 14:00
Clark-Kennedy LT, QM Innovation Building, 5 Walden Street, London, E1 2EF

"Modelling the Microenvironment In Vitro"

  • Bethany Hughes, QMUL. ‘Identifying novel pro-senescence compounds for p16-positive basal-like breast cancer.’
  • Dr Gillian Farnie, Oxford. ‘Development of 3D in vitro models of breast cancer and prevention.’
  • Sophie Escott-Morgan, Jellagen. ‘Jellagen®- a next generation collagen matrix for cell culture & tissue engineering applications.’
  • Dr Fiona Kenny, KCL. ‘Global alignment of extracellular matrix by keloid fibroblasts.’
  • Prof Fran Balkwill, QMUL. ‘Ovarian cancer tumour microenvironment models’

We have received kind sponsorship from Jellagen, which has enabled us to put on a networking coffee break and drinks reception after the meeting, 5:00-6:00pm.