NC3Rs/IAT Animal Technicians’ Symposium 2021

  • NC3Rs
Monday 11 October 2021 to Tuesday 12 October 2021

The NC3Rs and the Institute of Animal Technology (IAT) are hosting a virtual Animal Technicians’ Symposium on Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 October (two half-day sessions).


The programme consists of presentations on the latest refinement opportunities and approaches to improving animal welfare. Topics include handling, breeding and genotyping of laboratory research animals. There will also be a panel discussion led by experts in animal technology with a track record in promoting animal welfare and the 3Rs. You will have the chance to ask questions or just listen in for advice on your future career development. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Ms Lola Brookes (Institute of Zoology and Royal Veterinary College) - Developing indicators of poor welfare for assessing non-model amphibians used in infectious disease research
  • Dr Charlotte Burn (Royal Veterinary College) - Refining the handling of mice using gloves sprayed with hand sanitiser
  • Dr Khia Dobbinson (NC3Rs) - Introducing the 'Evaluating Environmental Enrichment' online resource for animal technicians
  • Ms Sarah Hart-Johnson (The Francis Crick Institute) - Improving mouse colony management & slowing genetic drift: How can you help?
  • Dr Anna Olson (University of Porto, Portugal) - All the pups we cannot see: early mortality in laboratory mouse breeding
  • Dr Will Norton (University of Leicester) - Skin swabbing is a refined technique to collect DNA from model fish species
  • Dr Elizabeth Nunamaker (Charles River Laboratories, USA) - Making the switch to non-aversive handling to improve mouse welfare and breeding productivity
  • Dr Sally Robinson (AstraZeneca) - Reducing the reuse of needles in procedures involving animals
  • Dr Patricia Turner (Charles River Laboratories, USA) - Enhancing research animal behavioural management to promote positive welfare

The panel disussion on career development will be led by:

  • Dr Mark Precott, Director of Policy and Outreach at the NC3Rs
  • Ms Linda Horan, BPU Manager at the University of Strathclyde and CEO/Chair of Council, Institute of Animal Technology
  • Mr Stephen Woodley, Director of Biological Services at King's College London
  • Mr John Waters, former Chief technician/NACWO at the University of Liverpool; currently Business Development Manager at Impex Services International Ltd.

The draft agenda can be found here.


This meeting is for the professional development of animal technicians. However, the content may also be of interest to veterinarians and personal licence holders.

Attendance is free but advanced registration is essential. Registration closes on Sunday 10 October

Attendees will receive three IAT CPD credits for each half-day attended.

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