NC3Rs Primate Welfare Meeting 2007

Thursday 15 November 2007 09:30 to 16:00
Central London, Zone 1


The 2007 Primate Welfare Meeting was focused on advances in primate housing and attended by 120 delegates from 34 organisations.

Many facilities are upgrading their animal accommodation in order to meet the minimum space allocations and requirements in the revised Appendix A to the Council of Europe Convention ETS 123.

In addition to presentations from a broad range of establishments, including some from overseas, the meeting featured breakout groups covering (for marmosets and macaques) -

  • Recent experience with novel enclosure designs
  • Implementing the requirements of Appendix A
  • Housing considerations for successful animal training
  • Housing considerations for successful science
  • Managing social housing
  • Meeting the needs of different age classes and long-term housing
  • Evaluating housing and enrichments