NC3Rs/BBSRC joint meeting: Novel methods for measuring and assessing animal welfare

  • NC3Rs
Tuesday 17 March 2015 10:00
Central London

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The NC3Rs and BBSRC are hosting a joint meeting to bring together the grant holders funded under the 2012 joint highlight notice in the area of Animal Welfare: Measures and Assessment. Seventeen grants were funded in total – nine awards from the BBSRC covering farm and companion animal welfare and eight from the NC3Rs covering the welfare of laboratory animals.

This meeting will provide a forum for grant holders funded under the highlight notice to discuss and disseminate their findings with the wider scientific and animal welfare community. The funded projects utilise a diverse range of methodologies, including automated behaviour tracking systems, thermography, telomere length and cognitive bias, and cover a range of species from cattle and chickens to zebrafish and macaques. The keynote presentation will be given by Professor Georgia Mason from the University of Guelph. A draft meeting agenda can be found here.

In addition this will be an opportunity to hear about a community-led network on animal welfare which is being funded by the BBSRC. Participants will hear about the aims of the network as well as feed into discussions on how it should develop.

The meeting is open to researchers working in animal welfare who are interested in hearing about the outcomes from these awards, and representatives of stakeholder groups who are in a position to implement some of the research findings.

Attendance is free but advanced registration is essential. Please use your institutional email address when registering. Registration closes on 03 March 2015

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