RSPCA International Meeting: Focus on severe suffering

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Thursday 16 June 2016 to Friday 17 June 2016

To register for this meeting, please complete this short online form - click here (or go to

Due to sponsorship generously donated to the RSPCA, there will be NO delegate fee charged for attending. However, places are limited and those with direct involvement in the regulation, care and use of animals will be prioritised.

What are the aims of this meeting and who should attend?

This unique event aims to help those involved in the regulation, use and care of animals in science ensure that every opportunity is taken to recognise and reduce the impact of research and testing using animals which currently falls into the highest severity category ('severe'). It will be of particular relevance to those working to the requirements of European Directive 2010/63/EU, but will also be of interest to those from other regions.

What will it involve?

Held across two-days (beginning at lunchtime on Thursday 16th and running through a full day on Friday 17th), the programme will involve expert speakers from a range of countries who represent key sectors, including the European Commission, National Competent Authorities, members of Animal Welfare Bodies and National Committees on the Protection of Animals Used in Science, scientists and researchers from industry and academia, vets, animal technologists and those involved in education and training. Confirmed presenters include those from organisations such as DG-Environment, EFPIA, FELASA, EDQM, ESLAV, UK Home Office and NC3Rs. The full and detailed programme is available on request and will be sent to all registered and confirmed participants.

Presentations will focus on how pain, suffering or distress is currently identified and assessed in animals, and recent progress in refining procedures and animal care across a range of models, tests, techniques and species so that severe suffering can be reduced or avoided. The meeting will also consider future opportunities for refinement, along with current potential scientific and other barriers to achieving this goal. Delegates will be able to share experiences and expertise and will take away practical recommendations and action points for implementation.  

More about the meeting

This event is scheduled to directly follow the conclusion of FELASA Congress 2016 and so it will be highly convenient for people who wish to attend both. Lunches and refreshments will be provided.

A small number of travel bursaries will be available to facilitate the participation of individuals who otherwise may be unable to attend - enquiries for such assistance (or any other information about this event) are invited by email to: