RSPCA/LASA/LAVA/IAT AWERB-UK meeting: Putting Ethics into the AWERB - A forum for all AWERB members

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Thursday 15 June 2017
Central London

‘Ethics’ should pervade the implementation of all of the AWERB’s tasks, but there can be a tendency to focus on applying the Three Rs, which is essential but is not the same as considering ethics. The AWERB task of providing a ‘forum for discussion and development of ethical advice’ can afford important opportunities for identifying and discussing ethical issues, but the extent to which AWERBs are currently able to implement this task can vary.  How to ‘put ethics into the AWERB’ is frequently raised by stakeholders, and is seen as a difficult topic to address, which is why we are suggesting it for this year’s meeting.

The objectives are: 

  • to emphasise the importance of identifying and dealing with ethical issues when reviewing project licence applications, and within wider discussions initiated by the AWERB; 
  • to enthuse and encourage participants to promote ethical review within their own AWERBs and establishments, with respect to project licence review and more broadly; and, through discussion, help provide examples of good practice and new, supportive contacts;
  • to identify issues that currently make it difficult to incorporate specific consideration of ethics into licence application review and to come up with ways to tackle these; 
  • to help AWERBs develop a forum for ethical discussion at their establishments.

Registration fee: £85, including lunch and refreshments.

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