Strategic awards

What is a strategic award?

A strategic award is targeted funding focusing on a specific area or technology which we consider to be important to the 3Rs. Competition themes are identified through horizon scanning and are often linked to our Office-led programmes.

  Closed competitions


 Development of an Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP) for  Cardiotoxicity 

 May 2016

 Refinement of the use of chronic implants in neuroscience  studies with macaques

 April 2016

 Replacing animal models of bovine tuberculosis

 April 2015

 Non-mammalian models for asthma research

 November 2014

 Imaging technology development for the 3Rs

 March 2014

 Mathematical modelling in toxicology

 October 2012

 Human cell-based carcinogenicity assays

 November 2011

 3Rs in asthma research

 July 2010

 Euthanasia of laboratory rodents

 February 2010

Applying for a strategic award 

Information on how to apply for a strategic award can be found on the relevant competition pages. Please sign up to the NC3Rs newsletter for updates on funding schemes.