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Have you published work with outstanding 3Rs impacts?
Papers published in the last three years can be submitted for this year's 3Rs Prize. Applications close on Wednesday 3 March.
Vacancies at the NC3Rs
Learn more about current opportunities to join the NC3Rs team.
10 years of CRACKing IT
Read about our programme of events celebrating our open innovation programme's first ten years.
NC3Rs webinars
Register for our upcoming webinars and watch recordings of past presentations on a wide range of 3Rs topics.
3Rs for the public
Learn more about the 3Rs and their importance in research.
The NC3Rs and the 3Rs during COVID-19
An update on what we are doing to support the research community.
Download the latest Tech3Rs
Our quarterly newsletter for animal technicians can help you discover new ways to put the 3Rs into practice in your facility.
Breeding and colony management
Guidance on re-establishing colonies following COVID-19 lockdown or any other interruption.
Animal technician hub
A range of resources to help animal care staff implement the 3Rs.
Experimental Design Assistant
A free online tool to help you design better experiments, using fewer animals and producing more robust and reproducible results.
Research culture and the 3Rs
Resources to help you strengthen the research culture of your group or institution through applying the 3Rs effectively.
Visit the NC3Rs gateway
Read detailed 3Rs method articles from our grant holders via our open access portal.