Welcome to The Macaque Website, a free resource for everyone who works with, or is interested in, laboratory macaques: animal care staff and technicians, facility managers, veterinarians, researchers, students, policy makers and IACUC/AWERB members. Developed by the UK’s National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs), this site provides referenced information and practical guidance on the natural history and behaviour of macaques, their care and management in captivity, and ways to assess their welfare. The overall aim is to help improve the welfare of macaques in laboratories and the quality of science derived from them. This educational resource is intended to complement the published literature and features over 200 videos and images from research and breeding facilities around the world with different animal management procedures.

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About macaques

An introduction to the natural history and behaviour of macaques.  
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Captive management

Practical guidance on the housing, husbandry and training of macaques.
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Welfare assessment

Tools, approaches and reference data for assessing macaque welfare.
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NC3Rs-funded research

Details of relevant research projects funded by the NC3Rs.
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Latest news

New standards for publicly funded non-human primate research – an updated version of our ‘Primate accommodation, care and use’ guidelines.

Applying the 3Rs in non-human primate researchTwo recently published papers co-authored by NC3Rs staff members explore barriers, solutions and opportunities.

A protocol for training large groups of rhesus macaques to station simultaneously – NC3Rs funded AABS paper provides practical instruction.

First ever international survey of approaches to monkey chair restraint – NC3Rs/Yerkes collaboration published in Comparative Medicine.

A collaborative website to support macaque welfare internationally – Read why and how the The Macaque Website was developed on the NC3Rs blog.

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