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Press Release
Thursday 18 October 2018
Milestone in international cooperation on the 3Rs and laboratory animal science.
Monday 08 October 2018
A new 3D cell culture model has the potential to replace the use of mouse embryos in studying early development.
Thursday 20 September 2018
New research from the University of Manchester helps build confidence in the use of non-animal approaches in studying fungal infectious disease.
Staff Blog
Tuesday 18 September 2018
We profile work by Dr Cara Croft and Dr Wendy Noble, whose paper was the first to pass peer review on our F1000Research Gateway.
Staff Blog
Thursday 13 September 2018
Our new video presentation demonstrates the 3Rs in principle and practice.
Monday 10 September 2018
This year's competition consists of three Challenges identified jointly by the NC3Rs and Sponsors.
Wednesday 05 September 2018
Our new agreement sets out a framework for effective collaboration.
Staff Blog
Friday 24 August 2018
The PhD students who attended this year's Summer School share their impressions of the three eventful days.
Wednesday 15 August 2018
We are offering joint awards of up to £75k to support the sharing of 3Rs skills, tools and technologies within cancer research.
Tuesday 14 August 2018
A pioneering study has demonstrated that Galleria mellonella larvae represent a viable alternative to vertebrate models of TB.