£1million for new projects to replace, refine and reduce animal experiments

The NC3Rs today announces new grants for pioneering research projects.

Eight projects will be funded totalling £1 million investment. The projects will each address one of the 3Rs, that is the Replacement of animals with non-animal alternatives, the Refinement of procedures to minimise suffering, and the Reduction of animal numbers used to answer a research question. Six of the projects will address replacement, one refinement and one reduction.

Announcing these awards, Lord Turnberg, Chair of the NC3Rs Board, said: "We are delighted to announce this new funding which highlights the commitment of the NC3Rs and of the UK scientific community to carrying out high-quality research into alternatives to animal use."

Dr Vicky Robinson, Chief Executive of the NC3Rs also said: "This is an exciting time for 3Rs research. We are very pleased that we have funded projects across medical, veterinary and biological research and that we have attracted such high-quality proposals from innovative scientists across the UK. It is an excellent start for the NC3Rs which we will continue to build upon with the £3 million which we have recently been allocated by the Government."

The NC3Rs will have an annual announcement of new investment in 3Rs research and scientists can apply for funds to advance and implement the 3Rs in all areas of research and testing.

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