Launching Our Vision

The NC3Rs vision was presented by Dr Vicky Robinson and was followed by talks highlighting key elements of the NC3Rs vision.  Speakers included:

  • Dr Jim Smith, Medical Research Council – The future of animal research
  • Professor Jon Timmis, University of York – Engineering a virtual laboratory for Leishmania and other infectious diseases
  • Professor Kevin Shakesheff, University of Nottingham – From stem cells to 3D printing: promising technologies to replace animal use
  • Dr Michael Emerson, Imperial College London – Platelet thromboembolism in mice: 3Rs achievements, challenges and future goals
  • Professor Malcolm MacLeod, University of Edinburgh – How improved understanding of what has gone before can contribute to the 3Rs

There was also an opportunity to network and view posters presented by our early career scientists and CRACK IT programme awardees.

The event provided a great opportunity for the scientific community to come together and focus on how we move the 3Rs to the next level.

Download the “Our Vision 2015-2025” document.

Read more about the event on the Nature News Blog.


Networking sessions


Speakers: Vicky Robinson, NC3Rs and Jim Smith, MRC


Jon Timmis, University of York, using robots to demonstrate infectious disease, and poster viewing


Audiences listening to the talks

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