The NC3Rs announces increased funding for the 3Rs and welcomes the Nuffield Council report

The National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs) announces today that it has been awarded additional money from the Government.

Lord Turnberg, NC3Rs Board Chairman, said: "We are delighted to announce that the Government has agreed to provide over £3 million for the National Centre for 2006-2008. This is a tremendous endorsement of the work of the Centre and the importance of the 3Rs in underpinning the humane use of animals in science."

The NC3Rs Chief Executive, Dr Vicky Robinson, said: "Whilst animals continue to be used in research and testing, it is imperative that the research community is proactive and creative in developing new ways to replace, refine and reduce that use. This requires increased investment and our additional funds will be used to support research that advances the 3Rs and to further implement existing knowledge on reducing animal numbers and minimising suffering. The NC3Rs has already awarded three research grants totalling £500k and in June we will be announcing further significant research investment."

The NC3Rs today also welcomes the report published by the Nuffield Council on The ethics of research involving animals. The report provides a comprehensive review of the issues associated with the use of animals in research and testing and makes a number of recommendations aimed at the NC3Rs. Dr Vicky Robinson, said "We welcome the Nuffield Councils review. The National Centre will give close consideration to the recommendations in the report as part of our work to advance the ethical principles of the 3Rs."

The NC3Rs was launched by the Science Minister, Lord Sainsbury, in May 2004 and provides a UK focus for efforts to replace the use of animals in scientific research and testing and to minimise animal numbers and suffering. The Centre is funded by the Government, charity and the pharmaceutical industry and this year has a budget of £1million.

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