Studentships awarded

The NC3Rs has awarded five new PhD studentships to leading UK research groups

The Studentship Scheme was introduced to embed the 3Rs in the training of early career scientists from a broad range of research backgrounds.

The successful applications have been selected to attract and inspire the UK's top graduates, and to provide excellent scientific training as well as a solid introduction to the 3Rs. Advertising for suitable candidates will begin in early 2011 with start dates of October 2011.

Information on 2010 PhD studentships awarded:

Dr Colin Brown, Newcastle University
Development of in vitro human and rat proximal tubule cell models as a platform for drug transporter and drug-drug interaction studies

Dr Alexander Easton, Durham University
Spontaneous recognition tasks and the 3Rs

Dr Fionnuala Lundy, Queen's University Belfast
An in vitro model for pain and neurogenic inflammation in the oro-facial region and upper airways

Dr Mark Lythgoe, University College London
Using non-invasive in vivo imaging to address the 3Rs in high-throughput mouse phenotyping

Professor Melanie Newport, Brighton and Sussex Medical School
Neonatal BCG vaccination: screening for genetic factors that influence host-pathogen interactions and reducing and replacing the requirement for animal infection models in immune mechanism discovery

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