The top ten news and blogs from the NC3Rs in 2016

We have written about a huge range of topics relating to the 3Rs in 2016. Here we review the most popular news and blog items published over the past year, including the new series of blogs from our Chief Executive, Dr Vicky Robinson.

1. New video tutorial released: mouse handling made easier

A tutorial on handling mice, based on research funded by the NC3Rs and BBSRC, was produced to show technical staff and researchers how to handle mice using non-aversive methods.

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2. From dogs to 3D tissue models: the 2015 3Rs Prize

Three pieces of outstanding research were awarded our 2015 3Rs Prize, an annual award which recognises outstanding original contributions to scientific and technological advances in the 3Rs.

Watch this space for the 2016 3Rs award, taking place in March 2017!

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3. Launch of NC3Rs-funded welfare assessment resource

Our new e-learning resource on laboratory animal welfare assessment was launched to help laboratory technicians identify signs of good and poor animal welfare.

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4. New e-learning resource on laboratory animal euthanasia

A new e-learning resource was launched to provide information on the principles of humane killing,  the different methods available for mice and­­­ rats, and the legal requirements.

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5. Seven project grants awarded

We awarded seven project grants in 2016, bringing the total commitment by the NC3Rs in 3Rs research to over £50.6 million in the last twelve years.

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6. Mini-brains show great potential to replace animals in studying neurological disease

Dr Madeline Lancaster, from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, was joint-winner of the 2015 3Rs Prize for her research to create brain organoids that mimic the developing human cerebrum for the very first time.

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7. Launch of new NC3Rs-ABPI collaboration: Review of the use of the second species in regulatory studies

Vicky announced an exciting new project in one of her 2016 blogs, which looks at data sharing in an effort to reduce the number of animals used in toxicity testing. We will be working in collaboration with the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry for the duration of the project.

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8. Automated monitoring of mouse behaviour in social home cage groups

A new home cage monitoring system for mice utilises RFID technology to provide detailed analysis of animal welfare.

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9. Improving the welfare of laboratory dogs

Dr Laura Hall was a joint winner of the 2015 3Rs Prize for her work developing and implementing a framework to assess the welfare of the laboratory dogs.

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10. Head mask for cancer patients adapted as a refinement for primate research

A new, non-invasive Head Immobilisation System for macaque monkeys used in neurobiology research was developed with funding from an NC3Rs pilot grant.

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