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A strategy for improving animal welfare and quality of science

Refining housing, husbandry and procedures is at the heart of NC3Rs’ work.

Results of mouse studies affected by the way the animals are handled

A new study shows that how mice are picked can substantially change their behaviour in cognitive tests.

Improving the translation of memory research from animals to humans

A new task for assessing memory in humans has been published by a team at Durham University.

CRACK IT Phase 1 Challenges: £600k awarded

Six teams have been awarded over half a million pounds of funding for proof-of-concept studies.

Study looking at natural behaviours of lab rats wins international 3Rs prize

Work investigating the welfare of laboratory rats is the winner of the 2016 3Rs prize, sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline.

Choosing contractors for animal research

Are you considering outsourcing your animal research? Our new resource provides advice and guidance.

Announcing the NC3Rs year of laboratory rodent welfare

We are launching a number of exciting initiatives in 2017 focusing on the welfare of rats and mice.

Opportunities to apply the 3Rs in safety assessment programmes

A recent review has summarised current and future opportunities to apply the 3Rs in the safety assessment of pharmaceuticals.

International survey on the use of zebrafish in research highlights opportunities for refinement

Scientists at the NC3Rs, AstraZeneca and University of Plymouth have conducted the largest survey to-date on the use and care of zebrafish in resea