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Refining training methods for macaques in neuroscience research

New robust and inexpensive system allows unsupervised and voluntary training of macaques while they are housed in social groups.

Reducing the use of male Xenopus frogs

Researchers at University of Portsmouth have optimised a robust sperm preservation method that will reduce the number of frogs used in research.

Announcing our new Skills and Knowledge Transfer grants

Four projects receive funding for the adoption of 3Rs approaches.

Guidance for university web pages on the 3Rs in animal research

Helping universities to demonstrate how they apply the 3Rs to their research.

Maximising the success of bile duct cannulation studies

New recommendations for refining the surgical preparation of rats for bile duct cannulation studies.

A new test guideline for refined acute inhalation studies

The OECD has recently approved a refined test guideline for acute inhalation studies.

£100k awarded in new CRACK IT Solutions funding

Seed funding to support technology development.

Funding for PhD studentships in cardiovascular research

This year we have funding for three PhD studentships as part of our collaboration with the British Heart Foundation.

STEM for Britain: researchers visit the Parliament

NC3Rs-funded PhD student Neal Rimmer shares his experience of participating in STEM for Britain, a competition for early career researchers to present their work in the House of Commons.