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AAALAC and IQ Consortium announce 2016 Global 3Rs Award recipients

The Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) and the Consortium for Innovation and Quality in Pharmaceutical

New bioassay uses fruit fly to test for mammalian prion disease

A new model of mammalian prion disease has been developed in the fruit fly by a team led by Dr Raymond Bujdoso at the University of Cambridge.

All you wanted to know about being an NC3Rs Panel member...

... but were too afraid to ask

Celebrating 12 years of working in toxicology and regulatory sciences

An overview of our programme of work, and collaborations, with the pharmaceutical and chemicals industries.

New e-learning resource on laboratory animal euthanasia

Our new e-learning resource “Euthanasia in Laboratory Animals” is now available.

£1.5 million for 3Rs research to improve gene therapy safety and skin metabolism prediction

We have awarded £1.5 million to the winners of the annual NC3Rs CRACK IT C

Black or white? The effect of tank background on the welfare of laboratory frogs (Xenopus laevis)

The environment in which laboratory animals are kept profoundly influences their welfare and can affect research outcomes.

A new non-invasive method for studying neuronal ageing using imaging in the fruit fly

A paper published recently in Nature Protocols describes a new, non-invasive way to stud

How home pen design affects the welfare of laboratory dogs

A new publication in the Journal of Toxicological