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The power of modelling: using maths to reduce animal experiments

This week in several corners of a very large conference room in London, groups of mathematicians and biologists are joining together for four days

Human organ-on-chips: An alternative approach to drug and toxin testing?

Welcome to the new NC3Rs blog, where we discuss and comment on NC3Rs-funded research, our science and topical 3Rs issues.

NC3Rs launches blog

The NC3Rs has today launched its first blog for discussion and commentary on NC3Rs-funded rese

NC3Rs-funded researchers compete at SET for BRITAIN

Two NC3Rs-funded researchers have taken part in this year's

NC3Rs Board Chair Recruitment

Professor Ian Kimber OBE, University of Manchester, will step down as Board Chair in July 2013.  We are seeking a successor to lead the NC3Rs Board

A refreshed visual identity for the NC3Rs

The NC3Rs today launches a refreshed visual identity and strapline to reflect the changes and evolution of our organisation.

‘Lung-on-a-chip' awarded prize for animal replacement potential

Research describing an innovative 'lung-on-a-chip' microdevice that can accurately replicate conditions in a diseased human lung has been awarded a

Pioneering better science: A year in milestones

The NC3Rs today publishes its 2012 Annual Report, along with the launch of a refreshed visual identity.

£1 million boost for infrastructure and networks to reduce animal use in science

UK animal research laboratories will get £1 million to develop networks of shared resources to reduce and refine their animal use, the National Cen