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Guidelines ARRIVE to improve reporting of animal experiments Published in PLOS Biology

New guidelines to improve the reporting of animal experiments have been published in the journal PLOS Biology and five other journals

Newcastle University to investigate euthanasia of laboratory rodents

The NC3Rs has selected Newcastle University to receive a strategic award of £300k to establish methods of humane

New way to grow embryonic stem cells holds promise of dramatic reduction in animal use

The winner of this year's annual NC3Rs 3Rs Prize has developed a new method of priming early embryos to form embryonic stem (ES) cells.

Studentships awarded to attract top graduates to the 3Rs

The NC3Rs has awarded its first PhD studentships to five leading UK research groups.

Funding for alternatives to animal research nearly doubles compared to previous year

Funding of £4.5 million for 13 new projects that aim to replace, reduce or refine the use of animals in research and testing was announced today (2

New Board Members announced

Three new members have been appointed to join the NC3Rs Board.

Moving 'Beyond animal research' with virtual twin experimentation

After challenging New Scientist magazine readers to articulate how scientific advances could do away with animal research, a judging panel has chos

New guidance on sharing and archiving genetically altered mice

The RSPCA, MRC, Cancer Research UK, BBSRC and NC3Rs are launching new guidance in the form of a booklet aimed at scientists working with animals

Research showcased at Westminster event to mark the 3Rs anniversary

UK scientists showcased their latest work to replace, reduce and refine the use of animals in research and testing at an NC3Rs event held in the Ho