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Cell-based model means a step forward for Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease research

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh have developed a new system that allows to study Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) in vitro for the first time.

New NC3Rs PhD studentships announced

Fifteen new PhD studentships have been awarded by the NC3Rs across leading UK institutions for exceptional 3Rs research and training projects.

Previous 3Rs prize winner publishes more ground-breaking research

Mini-tumours have been grown from patient's own tumour cells, with the potential to reduce the number of animals used in liver cancer research.

New cell line developed for testing botulinum toxin activity

A new cell-based assay developed with NC3Rs funding replaces the use of animals in pharmaceutical botulinum neurotoxin testing.

New standards for publicly funded non-human primate research

We have launched a new version of our guidelines ‘Primate accommodation, care and use’ with updated references and additional information.

Social housing aids recovery from stressors in zebrafish

A new study has shown that group housed zebrafish show lower levels of stress when they undergo stressful or painful procedures than singly housed fish.

Improving the quality of animal research with the EDA

Two new publications describe how our Experimental Design Assistant can assist researchers in designing robust and reliable experiments.

The Rodent Big Brother project: we CRACKed IT

New automated home cage monitoring system for rats allows the behaviour of individual rats to be monitored and analysed whilst socially housed in their home cages.

Applying for early career awards

Deepali Pal, one of our Training Fellows, tells us about her experience of applying for a Fellowship with the NC3Rs and gives advice for prospective applicants.