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NC3Rs Summer School 2017

Our fifth annual Summer School brought together students from all over the UK to learn about the 3Rs, and attend sessions aimed at providing transferable skills that will help them to complete their PhDs.

Reducing repetition of regulatory vertebrate ecotoxicology studies

An expert working group led by the NC3Rs has conducted a survey to assess how often regulatory ecotoxicology studies are being repeated because the

£2 million awarded to advance ophthalmic and osteoarthritis 3Rs research and drug development

Two teams have each been awarded £1million of funding to deliver Phase 2 of the 2016 CRACK IT Challenges.

New device for refined neural recording in mice could transform dementia research

New ultra lightweight TaiNi system represents a significant refinement for mice used in neurological research.

IMPROVE-ing animal welfare in experimental stroke research

New guidelines set out 43 recommendations for best practice for the most commonly used mouse and rat stroke models. 

First ever survey of approaches to monkey chair restraint

Findings show there is a need for the non-human primate research community to work together to refine chair restraint procedures, and provide recommendations for refinement.

2017 CRACK IT Challenges announced

The 2017 CRACK IT Challenges competition consists of three Challenges in the area of toxicology.

Data, data, data: How improving in vivo data management is good for the 3Rs

AstraZeneca’s PreDICT project on improving data management from in vivo experiments.

Applying bioprinting approaches to improve drug and chemical product development

New report on the potential to replace animal studies with bioprinted organs and tissues