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2019 Skills and Knowledge Transfer grant scheme: a new collaboration with Cancer Research UK

This year marks the beginning of a new collaboration between Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and the NC3Rs as we offer joint awards to support the sharing of 3Rs skills, tools and technologies within cancer research.

Galleria mellonella as a novel non-mammalian infection model for TB

A pioneering study has shown that larvae of the wax moth Galleria mellonella can be used as a non-mammalian infection model for tuberculosis.


£2.4m awarded in grants to advance the 3Rs

We have recently committed £2.4m to seven new project grants, awarded to outstanding projects from a broad range of scientific disciplines.

How to decide your sample size when the power calculation is not straightforward

Dr Simon Bate, from Statistical Sciences, GSK, covers a few nagging questions about statistics and the 3Rs that he regularly encounters.

New checklists to support the assessment of welfare standards in overseas research

The NC3Rs is launching a series of checklists that will support UK funding bodies to ensure animal research carried out overseas is conducted to appropriate standards of welfare.

2018 CRACK IT Challenges announced

The 2018 CRACK IT Challenges are now live.

Six highlights from Pint of Science 2018

We look back at this year's Pint of Science festival, where NC3Rs grantholders spoke about their work in pubs around the country.

British Pharmacological Society launches a new curriculum for the use of research animals

The British Pharmacological Society (BPS) and partner organisations have today launched a new curriculum for undergraduate and taught Masters education on the use of research animals. 

Strategy for the revision of the ARRIVE guidelines

We have published our strategy for the revision of the ARRIVE guidelines, designed to improve the reporting of research using animals.

New Skills and Knowledge Transfer grants awarded

Three awards totalling over £200k have been made in the 2018 NC3Rs Skills and Knowledge Transfer funding competition.

Organs-on-Chips Technology: fostering scientific curiosity to accelerate drug discovery

A new strategic partnership between AstraZeneca and Emulate aims to embed the 3Rs in AstraZeneca's drug discovery programmes through the use of organ-on-a-chip technology.