2016 3Rs Prize event

The annual 3Rs Prize was awarded at a ceremony in Central London on 8 March 2017.

This year's winner Joanna Makowska travelled from Canada to accept her award and to present a poster of her work looking at the importance of simple and natural behaviours to rat welfare. Alongside Joanna's poster we presented work across a range of NC3Rs activities, including posters presented by some of our grant holders.

2017 is theĀ NC3Rs year of laboratory rodent welfare, therefore the event was also an opportunity to highlight some of the activities we're working on this year which focus on the welfare of rats and mice.

All posters can be downloaded below.

Find out more about Joanna's research, read her paper and download her poster.
Download a presentation describing the papers that have won the 3Rs prize since it began in 2005.
Click to download a poster describing grant holder Mike Mendl's work on tests to assess the emotional state of rodents.
Click to download a poster on our Grimace Scales and discover how far they have travelled around the world so far!
Click to download a poster on our new crowdsourcing data project to identify potential patterns and triggers of aggression in laboratory mice.
Click to download a poster describing our Rodent Big and Little Brother projects, part of our CRACK IT open innovation programme.
Click to download a poster exploring grant holder Professor Jane Hurst's work on refining mouse handling.