Freedom of information

We aim to be as open as possible in informing others about how we conduct our activities through our publications, our website and face-to-face discussions. We are committed to openness, good record-keeping and effective communication in our handling of requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act. All information will be made freely available unless there is a good reason not to do so, in line with relevant exemptions under the Act. Our website is developed with this goal in mind. The information that we routinely publish can be found in the MRC Publication Scheme and details of the research we support can be found in Our Science.

While the NC3Rs is independent in setting its scientific strategy and making funding decisions, it is not an independent public authority. For the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act, NC3Rs is considered as part of the MRC.

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Requesting information

We make information widely available primarily through our publications, our website and through communications from our staff. If the information you are interested in cannot be accessed through our website, the MRC Publication Scheme or our publications then you can make a formal request in writing.

To help us locate the information you require please outline your request as clearly as possible, providing any relevant dates, organisations or names. You may also wish to specify in what format you would like to receive the information, either in hard copy or in electronic format. To make a request please contact our Information Officer at or by writing to:

Information Officer
Gibbs Building
215 Euston Road

If you are not satisfied that we have dealt with your request in an appropriate manner you may appeal using our complaints procedure.

Charging policy

We aim to provide as much information as possible free of charge although we reserve the right to charge fees in accordance the Freedom of Information and Data Protection (Appropriate Limit and Fees) Regulation 2004.

Freedom of information and peer review

The peer review of research proposals is central to the NC3Rs' mission to encourage and support high-quality research in the 3Rs. Our approach to requests for information relating to the peer review process follows the MRC's approach as described in the MRC's policy on peer review process.

Further information