New Solution: iSafeRabbit QSAR model for regulatory irritation/ corrosion testing

Experimental tests must be performed to evaluate the skin/eye irritation potential of a substance. Currently, this means an in vitro test first, but...

Featuring non-human primate research guidelines, zebrafish welfare, the Skills and Knowledge Transfer Scheme and more.

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    New standards for publicly funded non-human primate research

    For over a decade, the NC3Rs guidelines ‘Non-human primate accommodation, care and use’ have set the standard for publicly funded research involvi...

    Dr Suzanne McArdle

    Suzanne supports the development and delivery of the NC3Rs strategy, including preparation of funding bids, evaluation of activities and implementation of governance. She also line manages the research funding and CRACK IT business teams.


    MSc, Immunology of Infectious Diseases
    London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, 2011-2012

    MVB, Veterinary Medicine
    University College Dublin, 2004-2009

    Rats being studied via telemetry are usually housed in single-storey individually ventilated cages (IVCs). This is because they must remain in close proximity to the telemetry receiver, which is positioned directly beneath the cage. However, double-decker (D-D) rodent IVCs allow rats to engage in natural behaviours such as upright posture and stretching, which have been shown to improve their welfare (Makowska and Weary, 2016).

    Social housing aids recovery from stressors in zebrafish

    A new study has shown that group housed zebrafish show lower levels of stress and anxiety when they undergo stressful or painful procedures like fin c...

    Courtney Williams

    Courtney is responsible for helping to build and maintain our websites and online resources, engaging our stakeholders through general interest news articles, targeted mail-outs and our social media channels.


    BSc (Hons), Open Degree
    Open University, 2014-2017

    Below are short, instructional video clips available to download from Vimeo for use in staff


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