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Infrastructure grant

SEARCHbreast: A virtual resource to facilitate sharing breast cancer materials and knowledge to benefit the 3Rs

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At a glance

Award date
February 2014 - August 2016
Grant amount
Principal investigator
Professor Valerie Speirs
University of Leeds


  • Reduction



This project will develop a searchable database of resources related to breast cancer that scientists can share to minimise repetition of animal studies and maximise the use of available in vivo data through meta-analysis.


Animals are used to address a range of questions about the development, metastasis and treatment of breast cancer. The UK has an active breast cancer research community and there is an opportunity to further apply the 3Rs by facilitating the sharing of data, models, materials and expertise. A web-based bioinformatics search portal will be developed to facilitate this, allowing researchers to mine and integrate in vivo data from a range of sources

Research details and methods

A secure, searchable database will be developed which can easily interface with other online cancer resources. It will include technical information on collecting and preserving animal tissue and study designs to minimise animal use for various breast cancer models. 



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