Previous editions of AOP News

AOP newsletter: March 2017

  • A ‘News Flash’ highlighting our recently launched strategic award for development of the AOP ‘L-type Ca2+ channel block leading to heart failure’ – deadline for applications via Je-S is Wednesday 26 April 2017
  • Information about our session at EUROTOX 2017 on non-animal approaches for assessing cardiotoxicity

Issue 4: December 2016

  • NC3Rs survey - summary of preliminary results
  • The NC3Rs/ECVAM cardiotoxicity AOP workstream
  • An industrial chemicals company perspective on AOPs: Dr Chantal Smulders, Shell
  • AOP spotlight: Protein alkylation leading to liver fibrosis
  • Latest news including events
  • Ask an expert – Drs João Barroso and Silvia Casati,  European Commission Joint Research Centre, answer your AOP question

Issue 3: July 2016

  • A summary of the recent NC3Rs AOP workshop including a link to the workshop report and presentations
  • An agrochemical industry perspective on AOPs by Dr Tina Mehta, Dow AgroSciences
  • Feature articles on EU-ToxRisk and Determining the level of confidence in an AOP
  • Latest news including publication highlights and events
  • Ask an expert – Professor Maurice Whelan, European Commission Joint Research Centre, answers your AOP question

Issue 2: February 2016

  • Details of the NC3Rs workshop 'Pathways-based approaches across the biosciences: Towards application in practice' to be held in April 2016
  • A pharmaceutical company perspective on AOPs by Maria Beaumont and James Louttit, GlaxoSmithKline
  • AOP Spotlight including interviews with Dan Villeneuve, US EPA and James Wheeler, Dow AgroSciences
  • Latest news, publications, opportunities and events

Issue 1: October 2015

  • AOP Resources: links and information
  • An industry perspective: 3Rs opportunities - Carl Westmoreland, Unilever 
  • OECD AOP training: feedback from Anna Bottomley, NC3Rs
  • Latest AOP news: publications, opportunities and events


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