Experimental Design Assistant is now live
A new online tool for in vivo researchers to improve the design of their experiments.
Grimace Scale posters
Posters on the use of facial expressions to assess pain in laboratory animals.
Call for 2015 Strategic Award informal outline proposals
Refinement of the use of chronic implants in neuroscience studies with macaques.
Funding: Infrastructure for Impact awards
NC3Rs Infrastructure for Impact Awards is now open for applications.
Bioprinting for more predictive efficacy and safety testing
Register for our next workshop on Tuesday 15 December.
EDA: Improving the design of animal experiments
A blog on the development of the Experimental Design Assistant.
Launch of Non Animal Technologies roadmap
New tools for safety and efficacy testing.
NC3Rs-funded research aids epilepsy breakthrough
Researchers have identified a specific acid which has potent anti-epileptic effects.
Non-animal technologies platform
A special interest group, working with Innovate UK.

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The NC3Rs is the UK's national organisation which leads the discovery and application of new technologies and approaches to replace, reduce and refine the use of animals for scientific purposes (the 3Rs).

We collaborate with scientists and organisations from across the life sciences sector, nationally and internationally, including universities, the pharmaceutical, chemical and consumer products industries, other research funders, and regulatory authorities.

We fund 3Rs research, training and career development, support open innovation and commercialisation of 3Rs technologies, and stimulate changes in policy, regulations and practice relating to the use of animals.

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Our open innovation programme supports the development of marketable products and improved business processes with 3Rs benefits.



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Current funding

Submission date:
Accepting informal outline proposals for the Refinement of the use of chronic implants in neuroscience studies with macaques.

Submission date:
We are now accepting informal outline proposals.

Submission date:
We are now accepting applications.

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Today sees the publication of a roadmap on non-...
In 2014 the NC3Rs launched a programme of work to...





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