Rodent Little Brother
New kit for automated monitoring of mouse behaviour in social groups in a genuine home cage.
Resources from the NC3Rs
We provide an extensive library of 3Rs resources including guidelines, practical information and themed hubs.
Does age matter?
NC3Rs working group publishes findings on the impact of rodent age on study outcomes.
Guidance on social housing during telemetry studies
NC3Rs working group publishes findings to improve the welfare of laboratory animals.
Explore the science we fund
Our programmes are divided into research funded through grants & early career awards, CRACK IT & office led research.
NC3Rs Public Engagement Awards
We are offering awards of up to £1,000 to support NC3Rs funded researchers to engage the public with 3Rs approaches.
The Experimental Design Assistant
Our online tool for in vivo researchers to improve their experimental design.
Improving experimental approaches in animal biology
Symposium hosted by the SEB and the ASAB to promote the implementation of the 3Rs.
Reducing animal use in biosimilar development
A new report from an NC3Rs recommends waiving in vivo studies for mAbs development.
What are the 3Rs?
The principles of the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) were developed as a framework for humane animal research.
Grimace scale posters available in three species
Our A3 grimace scale posters are free to order for mice, rats and rabbits.

Pioneering Better Science


The NC3Rs is the UK's national organisation which leads the discovery and application of new technologies and approaches to replace, reduce and refine the use of animals for scientific purposes (the 3Rs).

We collaborate with scientists and organisations from across the life sciences sector, nationally and internationally, including universities, the pharmaceutical, chemical and consumer products industries, other research funders, and regulatory authorities.

We fund 3Rs research, training and career development, support open innovation and commercialisation of 3Rs technologies, and stimulate changes in policy, regulations and practice relating to the use of animals.

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Our open innovation programme supports the development of marketable products and improved business processes with 3Rs benefits.



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