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NC3Rs: National Centre for the Replacement Refinement & Reduction of Animals in Research

Single use of needles

Single-use needles are designed to be used once. If they are reused, there is a risk that they will dull and cause animals pain, as well as potentially transferring tissue products or spreading infection between animals. The UK Home Office adopted single use of needles as a themed inspection area in 2019.

Single use of needles poster

We have produced an A3 poster explaining why single use of needles should be standard practice. This is available to download for professional printing.

Download terms and conditions

The NC3Rs has produced an A3 poster explaining why single use of needles should be standard practice, intended for display in laboratory animal facility rooms and corridors.

Further information on why single-use needles should only be used once can be found on the NC3Rs website:

Print specifications

The proper use of this poster requires the images and text to be clear and easily discernible. Therefore, it must be printed by a professional print service at the full A3 size. Further guidance is included in the cover page, which should not be removed from the PDF file.

Any requests to reproduce this poster, or to include it in any publications or training materials, should be directed to You should include how, why and where the poster will be used so that we can consider your case for approval. It is helpful to include any associated text, so we can see the context in which the poster will be put.

Copyright notice: The attached poster and the content within it are owned by the NC3Rs and its partners. The poster should not be adapted, and the content should not be sold or used to generate income.

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