Announcing our 2019 funding highlight notice
Supporting rodent and non-mammalian model organism users to form partnerships and develop new applications across our funding schemes.
2018 CRACK IT Challenges announced
Learn more about this year's Challenges, including the launch event in September.
Applying the 3Rs in oncology research (24 September)
A workshop to encourage the transfer of 3Rs skills and tools within cancer research.
New platform to maximise the 3Rs impact of NC3Rs-funded research
The NC3Rs Gateway is an open access publication portal dedicated to 3Rs approaches, hosted by F1000Research.
Peer review and advice service hub
Information to support funders to implement the 3Rs and resources for grant applicants.
Primate Welfare Meeting (15 November 2018)
Registration for this year's meeting closes on Friday 26 October.
Listen to our podcast co-produced with LabAnimal
We have teamed up with LabAnimal to bring you “3 Minute 3Rs”, a monthly podcast summarising the latest 3Rs news.
Public engagement awards scheme: open rolling call
Grant holders can apply for an award of up to £1,500 to engage the public in 3Rs research.
International 3Rs Prize 2017
This year’s 3Rs Prize, sponsored by GSK, was awarded to Dr Elisa Passini for work on computer modelling of cardiotoxicity.
Watch our 'Mouse handling made easy' webinar
Learn the benefits of non-aversive handling methods and tips on how to implement them.
Tickling rats: an enrichment to improve rodent welfare
Exploring a novel technique for refining experiments through social enrichment.
Re-use of needles: is this an indicator of a culture of care?
This guest blog post explores the issue of re-using needles in day-to-day practice.

The NC3Rs

If you are a scientist, animal technician, veterinarian, regulator, funder or policy maker, the NC3Rs can help you to:

  • Drive scientific and technological developments that replace, reduce or refine the use of animals in research (the 3Rs)
  • Ensure your animal experiments are as robust and reproducible as possible
  • Provide the best welfare for laboratory animals


Science-led and evidence-based, we fund research and early careers, foster collaborations between universities and industry to develop and commercialise 3Rs technologies, and provide information on the latest advances to put the 3Rs into practice.

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Latest news & blogs

2019 Skills and Knowledge Transfer grant scheme: a new collaboration with Cancer Research UK

This year marks the beginning of a new collaboration between Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and the NC3Rs as we offer joint awards to support the sharing of 3Rs skills, tools and technologies within cancer research.

Galleria mellonella as a novel non-mammalian infection model for TB

A pioneering study has shown that larvae of the wax moth Galleria mellonella can be used as a non-mammalian infection model for tuberculosis.

£2.4m awarded in grants to advance the 3Rs

We have recently committed £2.4m to seven new project grants, awarded to outstanding projects from a broad range of scientific disciplines.

How to decide your sample size when the power calculation is not straightforward

Dr Simon Bate, from Statistical Sciences, GSK, covers a few nagging questions about statistics and the 3Rs that he regularly encounters.

New checklists to support the assessment of welfare standards in overseas research

The NC3Rs is launching a series of checklists that will support UK funding bodies to ensure animal research carried out overseas is conducted to appropriate standards of welfare.