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Our free-to-use tools can help research groups and institutions benchmark their activities and identify new 3Rs opportunities.
The NC3Rs and the 3Rs during COVID-19
An update on what we are doing to support the research community.
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2021 CRACK IT Challenges announced
If you are interested in applying to solve one of this year's Challenges, join our webinars in September.
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A monthly podcast highlighting the latest 3Rs research, presented by Lab Animal, the North American 3Rs Collaborative and the NC3Rs.
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Animal technician resources
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Evaluating environmental enrichment
A practical resource to support technicians in assessing the impact of new enrichment.
Visit the NC3Rs gateway
Read detailed 3Rs method articles from our grant holders via our open access portal.
Read our latest blog post on creating a 3Rs legacy
Dr Alasdair Nisbet shares how he maximised the long-term impact of his 3Rs research.
Research culture and the 3Rs
Resources to help you strengthen the research culture of your group or institution through applying the 3Rs effectively.

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We help the research community use the latest science and technology to replace animal studies, providing new approaches for biomedical research and avoiding the time and cost associated with in vivo models. Where the use of animals is still required, we support researchers to design the best experiments so that their methods and findings are robust and reproducible. We provide information and guidance on the latest knowledge to improve laboratory animal welfare.


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Latest news

2021 CRACK IT Challenges announced

This year's collaborative R&D competition features Challenges addressing animal use in toxicology and environmental risk assessment.

Interactive 3Rs self-assessment tools launched

Our free-to-use tools help research groups and institutions to benchmark their 3Rs activities and identify new 3Rs opportunities.

Promoting social housing during telemetry studies

New paper shows social housing is increasingly adopted for dogs, non-human primates and minipigs.

Tackling experimental design in your funding proposal

Tips to avoid common pitfalls when describing your experimental design and methodology with input from our Panel members.