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NC3Rs | 20 Years: Pioneering Better Science
Pioneering better science

Our portfolio

Details of NC3Rs projects – including research and innovation funding, early career awards and projects led by our staff.
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Types of projects

A list of all grants awarded for the development and uptake of new 3Rs approaches and the training of early career scientists.


A list of all awards made for the development of 3Rs products and services through CRACK IT Challenges, our open innovation funding competition.


A list of all projects led by NC3Rs staff to embed the 3Rs in policy, practice and regulations nationally and internationally.


Funded research impacts

Learn how NC3Rs-funded research comes together to develop innovative new 3Rs tools and technologies that are pioneering better science.

Discover snapshots of the impact of NC3Rs-funded research across a range of thematic areas.

The latest developments in NC3Rs-funded research, including detailed methodology, performance characteristics and validation against gold standard models.


Publications from NC3Rs funding

Visit EuropePMC to view all publications attributing NC3Rs funding.

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