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NC3Rs | 20 Years: Pioneering Better Science

Our team

Our scientific staff are divided into two workstreams, Science and Technology and Policy and Outreach. These groups encompass several more specialised teams, and additional teams work across the office to support our programmes.

You can navigate to find the team you are looking for by using the structure outlined below. Further details of these teams and individual team members, as well as contact details, can be found on each staff members page.

Team structure

Science and Technology

  • Biologics
  • Innovation/CRACK IT
  • Research Funding
  • Toxicology and Regulatory Sciences

Policy and Outreach

  • Animal Welfare
  • Experimental Design
  • Academic Engagement and Partnerships
  • Regional Programme Managers

Programme and Organisational Support

  • Strategic Planning
  • Communications
  • Operations and Finance

Chief Executive

Science and Technology group


Programme Manager – 3Rs in Vaccine Batch Release and Quality Control Testing

Portrait of Dr Elliot Lilley

Innovation / CRACK IT

Research Funding

Programme Manager – Portfolio Evaluation and Impacts

Portrait of Dr Rachel Eyre

Anita Breslin

Research Funding Officer

Portrait of Anita Breslin

Toxicology and Regulatory Sciences

Policy and Outreach group

Animal Welfare

Experimental Design

Programme Manager – Experimental Design and Reporting of In Vitro Research

Profile photo of James Barker

Regional Programme Managers

Academic Engagement and Partnerships

Learn more about our Regional Programme Managers and how they support the 3Rs within institutions across the UK.

Programme and organisational support

Strategic Planning


Danielle Wright

Graphic Designer

Portrait of Danielle Wright

Operations and Finance

Kayleigh Purdon

Operations Manager

Vanessa Chauhan

Finance Support Officer

Events and Administration

Joanne James

Events Manager

Maureen Fitzgerald

Events Officer

Get in touch

For general queries, please contact Your query will be forwarded to the appropriate team.

CRACK IT and Research Funding


Events Team

Office management