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NC3Rs: National Centre for the Replacement Refinement & Reduction of Animals in Research
E-learning | Webinar and video

Training on the 3Rs

A video resource for introductory training on the 3Rs.

Any aspiring in vivo researcher or animal technician should have a firm understanding of how following the principles of the 3Rs can drive better science and improved animal welfare.

This 18 minute video presentation has been created to serve as a foundation for this understanding, and to encourage scientists and animal technicians to consider and implement the 3Rs throughout their careers.

It is also an excellent primer for anyone interested to learn more about the 3Rs in principle and practice.

The video includes:

  • Definitions and explanations of each of the 'Rs'
  • Practical advice on how to implement the 3Rs throughout a research project
  • Video case studies of 3Rs research
  • Information on the various resources the NC3Rs provides to support anyone working with animals in research

This video is available to download from Vimeo for use in training.

For more information on why we have developed the presentation and how it can be used to support greater engagement in the 3Rs, see our blog post.

Further information on the case studies covered in this video